Stationary Compactors

Stationary compactors have a high compaction ratio effectively reducing solid material to a fraction of its original bulk. Utilized for both recycling and waste material, stationary compactors reduce disposal fees and labour expenses.

AtSource Recycling stationary compactor

Stationary compactors are designed and built with versatility and durability in mind and are ideal for a large variety of commercial and industrial situations.

They can be customized to include:

  • Multi-story chute systems
  • Open or enclosed hoppers
  • Air separators and cyclones
  • Cart dumper systems

A stationary compactor is beneficial for commercial and industrial businesses because they:

Reduce waste hauling expenses

Save on time spent by employees handling the waste

Create a clean and safe waste area

Increase recycling commodity value

Deliver a positive environmental impact

Pre-crushers reduce heavy shipping crates and barrels to a fraction of their original volume. Extremely high reduction ratios are achieved offering substantial savings in hauling costs.

AtSource can develop a custom engineered automatic dumping system for use with pre-existing, non-standard containers to meet your requirements.

Auger compactors are specifically designed to compact large volumes of recyclable materials. 

This piece of recycling equipment is best suited for dry commodities such as fibre, cardboard, and wood pallets.

AtSource Recycling stationary auger compactor

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