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AtSource Recycling is your leading provider of compactors across Canada and the Northwestern United States

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The addition of a tipper system in conjunction with a compactor has become very valuable for businesses. A cart tipper lifts, tilts, and empties large waste bins into compactors, taking on the heavy lifting so you no longer need to!

Using a tipper system significantly decreases the time required to manage your waste and recycling streams while also keeping your employees safe by reducing the possibility for work-related injuries. Your employees can use either toters or large wheeled carts to move waste and recycling throughout your facility and the tipper will take over from there, unloading the toter or wheeled cart into the compactor. Using larger toters or carts allows for fewer trips to the waste equipment, saving labour costs.

Tippers may be mounted as stand-alone items on the ground or dock, and they are sometimes attached directly to a compactor (while utilizing the power pack from that compactor). AtSource can even supply dual tipper systems so you can use both 96 gallon toters and 4 yard front load containers.

Tipper styles:

  • Ground level
  • Dock mounted
  • Compactor mounted side or rear fed

AtSource will work with your team to design a tipper system that works best for your site and employees. Tipper systems are available in many different styles, and many are custom fabricated to fit each customer’s requirements. Tippers have the ability to service 45 gallon toters all the way up to 4 yard front-load containers.

Suitable for:

  • Park Systems
  • Shopping Malls
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • …many more!

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